Sarah's Spotlight

I am elated to announce that I am offically accepted to a Broadway intensive program with werkwithbway this upcoming July.

Recently Works...

In October Sarah got the privilege and the honor of being the fourth person to originate the role of Ms. Walker - the quirky, zany, passionate, and lovable Drama teacher in Danny Abosch's Goosebumps the Musical.

Sarah embraced the role of a cow, utters and all! Throughout the entire show she let out a variety of expressive "moos". This role really enhanced and challenged her physical acting as well as learning to create perfect inflections. Dancing. sleeping, and mooing; what a life! 

For December 2017 Sarah has been embracing the role of a loveing old lady who is commenly known as Ms. Claus. She keeps the Christmas Spirt alive and in her own clever way, saves Christmas.

"Why do we even try when the barriers are so high and the odds are so low? Why don’t we just pack it in and go home? It’d be so, so much easier. It's because in the end, there’s no glory in easy. No one remembers easy. They remember the blood and the bones and the long agonizing fight to the top. And that is how you become legendary." - Amelia Shepherd  in Grey's Anatomy (Season 11, Ep.14-The Distance)

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