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Welcome to  My Blog
Here I talk about my Theatrical Adventures, Growth, and discoveries !

typos  may occur, this is equivelt to a  journal.

December 17th 2021

Hello hello! 

I have not been on her in over a year!

I have been quarantined with 6 cats and a dog working on myself and my craft. I recently had a contract in Massachusetts. I feel so much stronger in this field. By that I mean. Vocally I am at my best, I have learned so much and feel like my performances are so organic and free. I used to have crazy facial tension and awkward physicality. I am so proud of my progress and cannot wait to see where this all goes next. I work on my craft 6 days a week. I have been pushing and growing so fiercely. Unforuntaly covid is back and is shutting down so many things once again, but at least Broadway shows are open. They may cancel for a few shows but they are on standby waiting to be back the next day. PLEASE get vaccinated. PLEASE wear a mask. I cannot be on Broadway one day if it closes... so do your part... for everyone. 

July 23rd 2020

okay so this year has been crazy! In the past year I have done my first works with film as both and extra and a featured role, I have received EMC points, networked with casting directors and agents, gotten callbacks for broadway shows, trained like a committed maniac at Broadway Dance Center, spent over 14 hours waiting at the same auditions, trained with Matt Farnsworth Vocal Studios, and learned my way around the NYC theatre world. I finally got the hang of it all and then BAM Covid19 happened... So now I am learning the new ways of the business.  I am currently studying with Stella Adler to keep myself sharp and get myself ready for when the world opens up again. 

August 8th 2019

IT has been some time since i posted. In these past 8 months my career has gone to the next level. I received my first set of EMC points when I worked with The Growing Stage in Netcong NJ. I was an Actor/Puppeteer for their production of Mr. Popper's Penguins  and it was incredible! I am currently in two plays with The Network and their seventh season of The New SHort Play Festival. Shows I am currently casting are What's  wrong with sex  and The Ace Agents in: Queer Spies. I am very excited for these two shows. They will be performed in October and I am elated to see what happens with them!

January 9th 2019

Wow it is a new year! With new year comes more auditions and new possibilities. I am training at Steps On Broadway in Jazz and Contemporary and I am attending auditions as much as possible! I love the city. It is full of so much life, art, diversity, and culture! I cannot wait to see what happens this year! I just finished a workshop with Werk With Broadway and their Frozen cast. It was amazing. I plan to fill this year with many workshops, auditions, and training. To start the year off right,I am taking a workshop with Natalie Weiss and I am thrilled to see what she has to say and what I can learn from her.

November 23rd 2018

Months have passed, wow things have been changing and life altering and amazing. I am now living 16 hours away and in a different timezone than I was a few weeks ago. I moved to Union City in New Jersey. This is so close to NYC which means I am going to be auditioning in NYC for Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. I am planning to take advantage of every opportunity I find up there. I have registered for a second "Werk with Broadway" Workshop and I will be attending classes at Steps on broadway. This will be an exciting next chapter of my life! Here I go!!! 

March 18th 2018

Wow! What a busy year! It is only three months into 2018 and so much has happened! Snowy Day  went well, it was brilliantly directed and beautifully staged/designed by our fabulous team at the Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre. 
Now we are moving forward and almost done with Junie B. Jones  where I was originally cast as a crew member - however I have been dually cast as a rabbit/stuffed animal. I sing the high solo in our "Finder's Keepers" tune. I move set pieces in a full character outfit; including a full head. I also am the quick change captain.So I am in charge of making sure everyone is in their right outfits in the right moment. It is a very fun job, I enjoy the quick change power, it is like I am a ninja and without my hands the next scene could not continue! It is just a fun challenge! Our next show is Stone Soup. For that production I am not quite sure my role in it yet; that is TBA! 

I am in talks with some companies, I am not quite sure what is up next after this contract ends in May, however, I am looking forward to see what it is!

December 30th 2017

Right now I am in a plane returning to Little Rock to start our 2018 Season. This season starts with Snowy Day and for this show I get to Further my knowledge in Puppetry - I am being trained in shadow puppetry. 

November 13th 2017

Since starting at the AACCT I have opened and closed two shows. We started out with Giggle Giggle Quack and that show seemed like the longest month of my life. It is weird all of. us blinked and suddenly we only had a week left of Goosebumps but the first show felt never ending. Perhaps because GGQ had a lot of more stage time for every person as well as many more layers (example: my fat suit, cow skin, and utters) it is amazing how being that hot makes a show feel longer. I learned so much from both shows. 

​In Giggle Giggle Quack I was a cow and I learned the beauty of inflections. I have always known and understood how to play with inflections to find further meaning; however when you are only able to say "MOO" or grunt, you really can explore how far you can go. I found character research more important than ever. I looked up how cows sleep, eat, lay down, stand up, stare into the distance, and how their anatomy works so I could understand how my body should move. 

In Goosebumps: The Phantom of the Auditorium I played one of the leads, Ms. Walker. The story equally that of Brooke and Ms Walker. Ms Walker I used the internet as much as I could but I found people in my life more useful than the internet. I used the zaniness of my high school geometry teacher, the passion for theatre that my college professor Dr. Michael Hannah harnessed, and added bits and pieces that I put together myself from the script and from further research. - On closing day I felt so much joy and excitement for the growth I found through out the show. The moments I found real profound truths in. I gained confidence in my comedic timing and learned out to be bigger than life. Being bold and zany, large and in charge, along with all the gained knowledge that I learned from our fabulous director Katie Campbell. 
This internship has taught me so much, I love learning and I never want to stop. During GB I volunteered as the page turner, Lori played two keyboards with over 15 settings that she fluctuated throughout the pages. I have hands so it was the least I could do. She played so beautifully, when I stood their I gained true appreciation for her part in it all. I have always appreciated the instrumentalists but I have never fully thought about the genuine beauty and brilliance that goes behind it!
​To top it all off I was in tech for one show and starting rehearsals for another at the same time. I learned 6 pages of mostly narration in less than 12 hours. I pushed myself and learned what I was capable. I cannot wait to see what else I discover. We head out for Jack Frost tour tomorrow at 6am. I am nervous but excited, it is a great show and my role is adorable. I have furthered my abilities in melodrama within the course of this show. Let the tour begin!

September 29th 2017

Working at the AACCT has been the most enriching experience! We only have 6 more public performances of Giggle Giggle Quack before we moooove along into the next show...​Goosebumps: The Musical. I found out that only one other theatre has done this show before. So I am the second person to ever play Ms. Walker. I am doing a ton of character research to really give her a fully rounded character. This show is my first where I have been professionally hired to be a lead in a musical. I have been cast in many professional plays, but musicals are where my heart feels the most glee! I am aflutter to see this show come to life. I have also been cast as Mrs. Claus in our touring production of Jack Frost. I am very familiar with the tour life and I feel more than prepared for that show as well! I have loved every moment here; I am learning so much and I just cannot wait to go to work every morning #livingthedream

September 10th 2017

It has been awhile since I last blogged about my theatrical journey; it has been quite busy. After my contract with Madcap wrapped up in the beginning of August I moved to Arkansas for my next contract. Currently I am an acting intern at Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre in Little Rock. We have a wonderful season in store! It begins with Giggle Giggle Quack followed by Goosebumps The Musical. For the first show I am playing a cow, I named her Tilly. This show is full of high energy choreography, which is not common at AACCT so we feel (the interns) fortunate that we are here on a year they are so dance heavy. I am the dance captain, according to the choreographer - I believe that is still in the works. But I am thrilled to submerge myself further into choreography. This show is so much fun. I have been doing character research on cows - everything from how they sleep, walk, chew, react, and different personalities I want to give Tilly. Yesterday we had our first meeting of Goosebumps! We read through the script and watched some clips. I was cast as Mrs. Walker! I am ecstatic to take on that role!! I can say by far this has been the best experience at a company. Everyone is amazing, understanding, goofy, and genuine. I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to work with them and learn from them!

June 23rd 2017

Tomorrow we go on our last long tour. We have visited 8 different states this summer and performed in at least 90 shows. This week we will have 11 shows in a four day time span. I have learned the incredible craft of puppetry, learned how life is on the road, learned how the sound system works, I have learned so much about myself, theatre and people in general. I know I have grown as an actor and I am sad that this summer is rapidly coming to an end. However, that means my next contract will start. I know whatever comes, I will be ready, and I know I will conquer it. Moving again, starting over again, may not be easy, but I can do it. 

June 10th 2017

Prior to this contract I had minimal puppet training. I had a college course that covered it, but not much more than that. This job has pushed me in so many ways. I have learned how to work the sound system, set up microphones, channel search, set up an entire set and strike it multiple times within a day, not to mention... PUPPETRY! Which I must say was no easy task. I certainly learned a lot! From syncing the puppets lips with my words, to having the puppet show expressions, to using a variety of different types of puppets, not to mention how to give an amazing Q and A sessions post-show. I remember the first week I looked deep within and I thought that maybe I couldn't do it... maybe puppetry and me were not meant to be... but no, I HAD TO make it for me. I practiced in mirrors with puppets, practiced syncing my hand with my own words during day to day conversation. I made puppetry become my thing. in time, i learned to love it, and we took this show so many places! this summer is a summer of growth! 

May 26th 2017

This may I graduated from college is my BFA in musical theatre from Lees-McRae College. Shortly after I packed my bags, boxed up my house and headed to Cincinnati Ohio for the first contract of the season. I am currently working on the show Monkey See, Monkey Do at Madcap Puppeteer Company. 

​April 30th 2017

Yesterday I finished my last final and I drove 6.5 hours up to Cincinnati. I love it so far, although all I have really done was taken a few boxes out of my car. However, I love what I have seen - the drive into the city was amazing. I am so excited to make my start here. Madcap picked me and I am so glad! I am ready! "We're all mad here." 

​April 18th 2017

​Last night I did my senior showcase/presentation. It is crazy to think I am so close to graduating and moving to my first post-graduation job. 

April 4th 2017

​Graduation is just around the corner and I cannot wait! As soon as I graduate I will be heading to my first contract of the season. My first contract is with Madcap Puppet Touring Theatre Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. I start May 22nd and go till August 6th. Then I have to find my way up to Arkansas for my Acting Internship with Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre in Little Rock. I cannot wait!!! I will be under contract with them September 2017 - May 2018!! Real world here I come!

March 7th 2017 

SETC was very successful I learned so much at over 16 different work shops. I was unable to attend any on my audition day, however auditions went great. I was called back by New Stage, Jewish Ensemble Theatre, Aurora Theatre, Lexington Children's Theatre, and a few others! I loved the entire experience as a whole. I am grateful for the vast amount of knowledge I gained; from learning the benefits of a vibrator on your facial muscles for singing, to new belting techniques. Currently I am enjoying a week at the beach where I am finally relaxing (and doing homework and making reels and exercising) with my fur babies.​

​​​​March 2nd 2017

Life update, I am currently at SETC. I went to 2 workshops last night and 9 today. I have done a lot of socializing/networking today. I am very impressed with the talent level here; it always takes my breath away to be surrounded by such an immense amount of talent. I am number 577. I audition on Saturday and I am beyond excited!! Now. I need to get some shut I so I can get a nice full day of auditions in tomorrow! 

February 17th 2017

Wow this audition season is going well, and quickly. I have gone out to audition for IOTA, Dollywood, Hershey Park, I am attending Midwest auditions this weekend, and I will be at SETC! Auditioning is so much fun, all this travel and working on a show is hard, plus a 20 paper, but I am handling it and I am so excited for tomorrow!

January 23rd 2017

Institute of Outdoor Drama went well! I received call back to 6 out of the nine companies! I am prepping for Dollywood and Tweetsie Auditions that are this upcoming weekend. I have been cast in ​As You Like It ​as Lord Amiens. I am very excited to play a man in the last show I take part in at Lees-McRae College. I will keep updates going throughout audition season.

​​​September 29th 2016

The Addams Family Musical  was a success. We had a full house every show. I can honestly say that is one of my favorite shows to play an ensemble member for. This past week I went to NCTC screening and I passed with the score of 153! It was a lot of fun and I am so thrilled to be selected to go to SETC in 2017 as an auditionee (not sure that is a word). Anywho, I am going to be posting a lot of new/updated reels before that and updating this site some. If anyone is interested in seeing my transformation into being the dead ancestor I made a video which can be seen here. I am looking forward to auditioning for everyone, I will keep you posted on what is next for me!
(Currently what is next is my acroyoga class, so I need to jet!)

​​​September 29th 2016

Tonight we open The Addams Family Musical at Lees-McRae College! It has been a long, yet short, process of rehearsals. It is something we all have been looking forward to. Last night in our first/last full run (we had technical problems all week so the stage had to be fixed) in make up I felt it!!! It is alive just as much as my character is dead! This dead Saloon Girl is going to knock your socks off!! I am so stoked for opening!!!

​​September 14th 2016

Currently I am in rehearsal for The Addams Family Musical and I just finished up my debut in the world of Theme Parks this past weekend. Sept. 9th - 11th I played the role of Dorothy at The Land of Oz, located on Beech Mountain in North Carolina. This is my second year being contracted as Dorothy, unfortunately last year it was canceled due to the weather making it too dangerous to have folks traveling up there. I find that I absolutely love theme park work, it is completely different than being on stage; yet there are still large similarities. I loved the entire experience and I cannot wait until next year.

September 7th 2016

Alright, where was I.... This summer I learned so much! I learned what summer theatre was like, got over my weirdness about bugs really quick (especially with it being cicada season). I pushed myself to limits I did not know were possible. I kept myself professional and put together. I grew in so many ways and will be forever grateful for that experience.

August 20th 2016

Wow I have not updated in quite some time! This summer I accepted a contract at Trumpet in the Land in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Throughout the summer I was contracted to be in a total of seventy productions maximum. I will continue this in a bit - I need to finish my project for Dance and Choreo that is due in less than 24 hours! I finished it forever ago, however, I need to put it down in one place for turning it in!

March 22nd 2016

I am currently in 4 shows! ​
James and The Giant Peach - Aunt Spiker, Captain.
This show is going to be touring to local schools. We have four lined up so far!
Last night I auditioned for our One Act Festival. I was cast in three of their shows:
The Frog Princess - The Frog Princess
Check Please - Peal/Linda
Glora Mundi-KD - Mrs. Farnsworth​
This is going to be a crazy month! I am so excited to see it unravel! I love being challenged, and this is certainly going to be a challenge. I cannot wait! And yesterday I received my first contract offer of the season. Theater is great, so is life!

March 15th 2016

Wow it has been a while. I have submitted video reels to 33 companies, sent my headshot and resume via snail mail to 24 companies. Working my ambitious butt off and I know it will be worth it. I have already had a few video call backs for amazing shows! Speaking of amazing shows, Sondheim on Sondheim was phenomenal. It even made me cry; his story touches you. It was such a beautiful show, he has lead quite a life. I have great respect for that talented man. Videos of my songs can be found under the tab titled Performance Reels. I danced the same dance for 5 hours today. One hour learning it. Another hour fine tuning it. And then endless video recordings of it. It has been a great productive day. I have just sent my video reel that I worked on all day and evening in to Cedar Point in Ohio. Now I must bust out some homework! I need to do some work on Fosse. Toodaloo!

February 15th 2016

Barter auditions were canceled due to weather, had to send in a video reel. Spent Valentine's day weekend with my fiancée but really dove into my theater stuff at night. I have been living and breathing Sondheim on Sondheim. It really paid off! First off-book run on stage was wonderful! This show will be amazing!

February 12th 2016

Currently I am working on conquering my Sondheim on Sondheim solos. It is kind of crazy that we go to school and be a performer. Being a performer is a full time job. Working on our rep, meeting vocal goals, working out to stay fit, daily dance practice, making a million reels for a million companies, and then math homework and all the other stuff. Song goals of the week: Send in the Clowns, Happiness, Gun Song, Good Thing Going, as well as my non-Sondheim bits Fever, Dark I Know Well, and You Can't Be Everything You Want. Dance Goals: Choreography a high tempo jazz combo, learn, perfect, and soon record for reel. Monologue Goal: Memorize a classical monologue from Twelfth Night! ALSO prep for Barter auditions....if snow permits travel! BRING IT ON LIFE!

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